Taking you to the Quantum Level In Expanding Consciousness

A 1 Month of Sessions with Crystal & Athena
This is the ultimate opportunity to get the BEST of Crystal and Athena, working directly with YOU, for an entire month!
Why should you take the Quantum Leap? Are you...
Feeling disconnected?
Emotionally overwhelmed?
Do you not know what your inner abilities are?
Do you keep repeating the same patterns and lessons over and over?
Do you question your path, your career, what you should be doing?
Are you yearning for a place you don't know?
Do you find yourself wanting to leave here?
Do you feel blocked?
Do you feel powerless?
If you are answering YES to any of those questions then Crystal and Athena can help you!
What You will get out of this work:

What you will get from this month:

  1. Alignment with Higher Self, so you can mor are freely channel your Higher Consciousness

  2. Answers to your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual concerns

  3. Expanding Consciousness

  4. More access to and opening your own abilities

  5. Meet your primary Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels

  6. Spirit Animal info

  7. Channeled messages from your Primary Guides/Angels

  8. Awakening to deeper aspects of you

  9. Access to one on one help from Crystal and Athena

  10. 4 private sessions, 1 per week

Week 1: QTbyC Session with Crystal

Week 2: Coaching with Crystal & Athena

Week 3: Mediumship Reading with Athena

Week4: Coaching with Crystal & Athena


"You did so with much patience and love, as well professionally. worked on finding answers for me, confirmed things I had figured out, and found out the why of certain things. thank you." H.F.

“You helped me on a cosmic level.” B.R.

They assisted me greatly with finding ways to connect with my own Spirit & Higher self without having the crashing effect. This is also a great way to uncover hidden blocks you may have stored/buried that only your Higher self can reach.  I hope this comment helps anyone who works with Spirits and Higher Dimensional Energies!!!” C.L.


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