Goddess Healing at its finest is here in The Shamanic Witch Womb Healing Box!! This Box Set is all about the Goddess Womb Healing and clearing your Sexual Energies stored in your Womb (Sacral & Root) any past-present life traumas that may be affecting your Womb Space. This unique box set includes the following products: -Goddess Womb Healing Candle to activate your Womb Healing, clear cords and attachments to the past & present. Mica Powders brushed on, Infused with Essential Oils, Egg Shell Powder for Protection, Herbs and Aura Quartz. The Berkana Rune Symbol that is carved on both sides of this candle is a symbolism of new beginnings. It also indicates good news, birth, fertility and a great symbol to honor a rebirth of the Womb Space. Metaphysical Aura Quartz releases negative energies from your auric field, bringing inner peace and relief from stress. Aura Quartz also releases negative energies from your auric field, bringing inner peace and relief from stress. This crystal also aids in manifesting your dreams & goals which can spark the Divine Creator within you!!! -Red-Orange Onyx Crystal 115cts to be rolled on the womb space (Sacral & Root) and can assist in releasing blocks from your Womb Space as well ground the Root Chakra. Metaphysical Properties of the Red Onyx- The Red Onyx is related to your Root Chakra and is a great grounding stone! It has the healing meanings that are inherent to any colour of Onyx. Onyx is strength-giving, providing support in difficult or confusing times, as well as during times of enormous mental or physical stress. -Ancestoral Oil Potion infused with Venus & Moon Energies that you slowly rub on your womb space before your Ritual Bath/Shower. This Oil Potion includes a Smooth Cream & Orange Citrine Rock that you will rub on your Womb Space, Infused with Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils, Pine Cones and Red Dried Crabapple Berries. Metaphysical Properties of Pinecones & Crabapple Berries- Pinecones can symbolize sexuality, fertility, abundance & prosperity. In some cultures the pinecone is associated with Venus, The Goddess of Love. Crabapple Berries is also associated with the Planet Venus, the Element associated with this berry is Water, this Berry symbolizes Love, Trust & Garden Magic and a few Goddesses associated with this Berry is Frigga and Freya. -Soothing Herbal Bath Gel infused with essential oils and energy to promote a relaxing Shaman Shower. This Shamanic Womb Healing Box is a great addition for those that have gone through "Rite of the Womb 13th rite of the Munay-Ki" or any other God/Goddess Rites or Activations you may have recieved for your Womb Space

Shamanic Witch Womb Healing Box



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