Cringed Fossil Pendant set in .925 Sterling Silver

Hand Crafted in India

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Metaphysical Properties

Crinoids are known to be a marine creature of phylum Echinodermata as well as known to a member of class Crinoidea. Crinoidea word deduced from the Greek word “Krinon” which means ‘lily’ as well as from “eidos” which means ‘form’. Crinoid found in the water can be either in shallow or the depths of more than 6000 meters. They are still documented to be in subsistence, but may too found the oldest remnant on the planet Earth. Fossil means remains of dead creatures of the ocean along with the plants. 


Crinoid’s fossil is considered to be protective and believed to be useful for substantiating the reality of the aspirations. They are often branded to bring abundance into its owner lives. They have the grounding energies of the world which in turn help its carrier to stay established in this materialistic world. They further help its carrier to understand the spiritual world that furthermore helps to reach the spiritual feelings as well as idyllic. They likewise trusted to wreak the aspiration and creativity to know the exquisiteness of spirit. On the other hand, they are utilized to draw wealth also to retaining. These fossils conserve the vigorous relations with the people around in guild to bring in pecuniary benefits. -Gemexi

Crinoid Fossil Pendant

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