Athena's Shamanic Witch Black Salt is a spicy addition to all of your Magical Workings!!
▪What is Black Salt and what is it used for?
Also known as Witch’s Salt, Drive Away Salt, and Indio Salt. "Witches Salt" or Black Salt as some may call it has a long history of use in the magickal community. While different types of salt have always been seen as protective, when the color black is added it takes on a different type of energy. 
Witches Black Salt can be used for the following: 
-Protection -Absorbing or removing negativity 
When I add additional Herbs and Coffee Grounds to the Black Salt this changes and amplifies the intent of the salts powers even further. The benefits of adding Coffee Grounds to your Magical Workings: -Coffee (Cao as the Spirits call it) has a ceremonial presence and is a great offering to "gift" our Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Deities. -Coffee Grounds or Whole Beans are a great additive to your Magical Workings as it can "Boost" the energy of your Spell's or Rituals. -Adding Coffee Grounds to your bath can help lift negative energy out of your aura. 
Ingredients: Salt, Coffee Grounds, Herbs, Incense Ashes and Charcoal Shavings from our "Mabon Fire of Gratitude". 
Disclaimer: Athena's Shamanic Witch Black Salt IS NOT to be ingested!!! This type of salt is not to be confused with Lava Salt or Cuisine Salt. This type of Black Salt is to be used in Magic Spells or used as an Energetic Protection Barrier only.

Athena's Shamanic Witch Black Salt

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