Athena's Botanical Pillar Candle's 
are one of a kind and tailored to your Spiritual Needs!! 
▪Athena's Botanical Candle's are magically customized to each individual person from the type of essential oils and herbs used to dress the candle to the crystals that are hand picked to be placed on the botanical candle. 
▪I also work with you on a Spiritual Level while creating this one of a kind Botanical Candle by tapping into my Higher Conciouness to channel High Vibrational Symbols from my Clients Higherself and Spirit Guides to carve into this Luxurious Botanical Candle. 
▪Each Botanical Pillar Candle will be infused with Essential Oils and Dressed with Crystals, Herbs and Dried Flower Petals. 
Directions for use:
 If you choose to save the crystals on your Luxurious Botanical Pillar Candle please remove them before lighting the candle. Light your Botanical Candle and enjoy the ambient glow and loving energy flowing into you. ▪Disclaimer: Please do not leave candles unattended as this is a flammable product. Keep out of reach of Pets & Children. 

Athena's Botanical Candles

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