Athena's Bath Soak Set is uniquely customized for YOU as I work with your Higherself and Spirit Guides to create a custom Bath Set that gives you a LUXURIOUS Spa Experience in the comfort of your home.


As a Psychic Medium I communicate with a variety of Spirit Guides often and the biggest advice a lot of Guides have been stressing is the importance of resting and recharging ourselves more often. This Bath Set can be customized for both Men and Women so what better way to listen to our Higherself and our Spirit Guides to have more "Me" or "US" time!!


Athena's Bath Soak Set's will include the following: -One 8oz Jar of a Customized Salt Scrub -One 8oz Jar of a Customized Bath Salt Soaks -One Sachet of "No Mess" Floral Bath Mix Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Essential Oils, Dried Herbs and Flowers


Direction for use: To use your "No Mess" Floral Sachet in your Luxurious Bath place the Sachet under the running water allowing the Epsom Salts and aromas dissolve into the bath water. At the end of your bath dispose of your satchet into the trash. To use the Bath Salt Soak- Scoop a tablespoon of the Bath Salts into your Running Bath Water letting the relaxing aromas fill up your bathroom.


To use the Bath Salt Scrub- Apply a small amount of the Bath Scrub to your washcloth or luffa and exfoliate your body. Rinse Off Well. Disclaimer: Keep your Bath Salt Soak and Bath Salt Scrub in a dry place away from sunlight to keep your product shelf life. Shelf life for this product is 1-3 months depending on your storage method.

Athena's Bath Soak Set



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