Vial of 5guice (Pronounced 5 Juice)- Extremely High Vibe concoction you can wear on body like a perfume or on chakra areas to repel low vibe energies and arcons. It is called 5guise because it transforms 5g Wi-Fi energy into 5d! Base liquid for 5guice is pure aloe, then there are several essential oils that carry extremely high vibration, along with sesame seeds, and quartz chips.  Sesame seeds attract abundance, and the clear quartz amplifies the energy of everything. Then, the 5guice is placed on top of Wi-Fi, and supercharged with a crystal skull being.  Although some have concerns with 5g Wi-fi, as an energy worker I am aware that any energy current or electricity can be utilized for good or bad. Here the energy was transmuted to Love and Higher Vibrations! The scent will have floral and citrus notes.


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