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Coven 88 Presents:


Auction Dates: Fri July 31 - Sun Aug 2

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Soothing Vibes Magic Box contents:

 1. Massive spell candle hand carved, annointed, and decorated with mica. The candle itself is hand-crafted in Belarus. Symbols carved are for Reiki Healing Energy & Soothing waves.

2. Copper Enhanced Turquoise Pendant with .925 Sterling Silver, hand-made in India.

3. Vial of 5guice- Extremely High Vibe concoction you can wear on body like a perfume or on chakra areas to repel low vibe energies and arcons. It is called 5guise because it transforms 5g wifi energy into 5d!

4. Soothing Waters Bath Additive- 16oz bottle of a soothing essential oil mixture, along with clear quarts, aquamarine, & fluorite chips. Put 2-3 pumps in your bath water to add Healing & extra Calm to your bath. Or can be used as a foot soak.

5. Flashy Labradorite Palm Stone

6. Small bottle of Florida Water

7. Charm bag you can put under pillow or in purse. Will give details to Winner!

And some extra goodies! 


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