Who is Coven 88??

Priestess Crystal 
Founder of Coven 88

Crystal is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Shamanic Witch, and Quantum Trance Specialist. Crystal specializes in spirit alchemy- transmuting lower vibrations to love. She is a Draconian Starseed who works with other realms to aid the ascension process on Earth. Many Draconian, and other Planetary souls are incarnated on Earth to learn lessons related to shadow work, how to keep this balanced, and truly align with your inner power for the good of others.  It is her mission to end the stigma around Draconian souls, and help you heal. 


Crystal offers different services to help one align to their own soul, begin their own ascension process, and fulfill their life path. She specializes in Quantum Trance by Crystal so that you can align with your own Higher Consciousness, and receive your own healing. 


Athena is a Physical & Psychic Medium, Starseed Conduit, Intuitive Channeler, Elemental Witch, and certified in Level II Reiki.  

What started out as a hobby looking for Herbal & Holistic Remedies for sensitive skin, has now become a passion of hers and she is delighted to share it with all of you. Since Athena's first day in business she has been striving to ensure a variety of creative products along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit your budget. Athena is continually growing and expanding in her Spiritual Business as this is one of her Soul's Mission. She is proud to have helped many satisfied customers and is looking forward to assisting you for many years to come! Her love for helping people care for their Mind, Body & Soul is what keeps her working hard every single day.  

Crystal and Athena both have years of experience working with the following...
God/Goddess Spirits
Master Spirits
Interdimensional Beings 
And they work in other Realms such as...
Other Planetary energies